We Are Wolves

Non-Stop Je Te Plie en Deux is the debut release from the French Canadian alternative rock band We Are Wolves. What it is doing on Fat Possum Records, a Mississippi blues label, I havent quite figured outtheir synthesizer based music (keys, bass, vocals and drums, no guitar at all) seems miles away from the Black Keys, let alone Robert Belfourbut I like it anyway. The group plays with drive and a sense of fun that connects with the listener.

We Are Wolves has something to do with what I think of as the new new-wave (or retro-wave) crop of bands out there that hearken back to the new wave bands of the late 70s and 80s. What sets We Are Wolves a little bit apart from some of these bands is that they seem so openly frivolous; their hard riffs remind me a bit of early Devo and Pere Ubu, but with rhythms and the in-your-face attitude of early Beastie Boys. You could call We Are Wolves arrogantwhen I saw them at the Troubadour in West Hollywood they introduced The Little Birds as Les Petite Ouiseaux and told the crowd to Learn some Frenchbut not pretentious.

Anyway, good stuff. They throw down beats that are basically rock but still danceworthy, and they are funny even if the jokes are sometimes obscure. We Are Wolves are entertaining and, let’s face it, not everyone in alternative/indie rock is.